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Interested in being a camper? A volunteer? A sponsor?


We’ve recently closed applications for our Winter camp.
Keen to help out next time? Fill out our camp volunteer form and we’ll get in contact with you as soon as we can.

Make a Donation

Help us make the best program possible — all contributions are greatly appreciated. You can donate through Paypal here.

Sign Up For a Program

Our first camp will be held July 15-19 2019 at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter below.

Or maybe you’re keen to host a fundraiser?
There’s lots of ways to get involved!

Here are some of our ideas:

Host a donation tin at your event, cafe, or business! Every coin counts. Fill out the form  here.

Host a donation tin at your event, cafe, or business! Every coin counts. Fill out the form here.

Host a fundraiser gig!

Host a fundraiser gig!

Hang up our posters at your school, in your office, at your cafe!

Hang up our posters at your school, in your office, at your cafe!

Host a sausage sizzle!

Host a sausage sizzle!

Are you a musician or creative with a platform?

No platform is too small to make a difference. Perhaps you could…

💸 Set up a donations tin at your merch table! We’ll provide the tin—all you have to do is let us know when you’re playing and tell your fans about it when you get on stage! We’ll express our gratitude on the socials and be sure to include the show deets. Get in contact with us by filling out this form.

💸 Get back on the streets! Why not go busking and donate your hard-earned pennies? We’ll provide a poster to set up in your guitar/synth/triangle case.

💸 Charge an extra $1 on the door at your next show.

📢 Support us on the web! We would love for you to repost news about our upcoming fundraisers and camps. You could also write your own status or post a pic explaining why you think Girls Rock! Adelaide is important.  

📢 Support us on radio—we’re big on name dropping and we’d love to meet up and chat with any local presenters!

📢 Tell young fans to pester their parents about going to rock camp when you play all ages shows in Radelaide!

🤘Play one of our upcoming fundraisers!

Do you own or work at a business, venue or arts organisation?

📄 Include info about upcoming fundraisers and camps in your newsletter or communication board at work!

📄 Keep flyers/info/posters/brochures at your workplace! Let us know who and where you are and we will provide. Unless it’s not family friendly, in which case… we appreciate the thought!

💸 Set up donation tins next to your cash register. Maybe we’ll be the charity you support this month? Maybe it’ll be there forever? Hey, we don’t mind. Get in contact here!

Do you like hosting cool events?

Here’s a few ideas for how you could use us as an excuse to have a really great time…

🎉 Hold a house show or musical picnic and make it pay-as-you-feel or gold coin donation to GR!Adl. Donation tin provided of course.

🎶 Put on a gig and donate the takings to GR!Adl!

📺Have a movie night and charge $1/$2/$5 at the door.

👗Garage sale! Get your friends together and get rid of a bunch of excess stuff! Donate the proceeds to your friendly neighbourhood music mentorship program!

Are you just REALLY excited about Girls Rock! Adelaide?

Don’t worry, we get it. And we think you’re great.

🌭Come and assist at one of our sausage sizzles! Really. We need you—let us know if sizzling is your specialty (note: sizzling need not be your speciality to apply).

👊 Reach a goal on our behalf! Never done a cartwheel? Always dreamed about doing nine chin-ups in one go? Want to read five books in a months? Set your goal, start taking donations and we’ll help you stay motivated by reminding you of your commitment! Publicly. Uh oh.

🍰 BAKESALE. We know you’re out there. We know you’d do anything to make vegan cupcakes with little pictures on them. The time is now.

💰Just save your small change! At the end of the day/week put all your coins in a tin for GR!Adl. Save it up for 6 months or so and we will love you forever.

🍫Sell chocolates at your school or workplace! If you know this is where your strengths lie, we will help you bring the choccies.

Got any other ideas? Get in contact! We’d love to hear them.